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Bullseye! Target setting and target missing.

Or, a blog in which I get to say “Errr?” rather a lot! Target setting is currently back at number one as the biggest cause of concern that I am hearing about from music teachers. Now, I am going to … Continue reading

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Is curriculum music safe?

At the recent Music Mark conference, I had a slot to talk about current issues in music education. This blog entry is based on that presentation. For me, one of the big issues that’s facing us is the reduction of … Continue reading

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More on spiral curricula

Having written the previous blog about spiral curricula, I was reminded by Luton music teachers, and by Dr Lis McCullough, that a spiral curriculum also exists in the Charanga course. So thanks to both. Here is the image in question: … Continue reading

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Tracking and Assessment in Music Education

When considering assessment, it is customary in academic circles to try to be precise concerning the uses and purposes of assessment. Sadly, this task is a mammoth one, and there is considerable terminology slippage, not only from research to practice, … Continue reading

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What makes great music teaching?

I’ve been reading  the Sutton Trust (hereafter ST) report which came out earlier this week entitled “What makes great teaching? Review of the underpinning research”. I am generally supportive of the document, but I have a few niggles about how … Continue reading

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In which I realise I’ve been losing the plot

I’m starting to think that I’ve lost the plot. Why have I been worrying about what and how to assess, when I’ve said all along that the real question is ‘who is the assessment for’? I was worrying about this … Continue reading

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Teaching and learning notation

This is a blog wherein I think out loud, as it were, about the current emphasis on the teaching and learning of notation. It is also a bit of a trip down academic memory lane, as we’ve been here before, … Continue reading

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