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Bullseye! Target setting and target missing.

Or, a blog in which I get to say “Errr?” rather a lot! Target setting is currently back at number one as the biggest cause of concern that I am hearing about from music teachers. Now, I am going to … Continue reading

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Is curriculum music safe?

At the recent Music Mark conference, I had a slot to talk about current issues in music education. This blog entry is based on that presentation. For me, one of the big issues that’s facing us is the reduction of … Continue reading

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Poster at ISME

I’ve been a bit on the busy side recently, which is, in many ways, an understatement! Anyway, last week I was up in Glasgow for the International Society of Music Education (ISME) conference. Whilst there I gave four spoken presentations, and … Continue reading

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GCSE Music – Statistics and Grade Boundaries

N.B. This is a post that may get deleted or have amendments later, if it proves that I am being daft, and haven’t read all the relevant small print! Which, as it’s about the new GCSE grading, means there is … Continue reading

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In which a worry about progress in music education at KS3 turns out to be a worry about lack of CPD

Like the idée fixe running through Berlioz’s symphonie fantastique, the notion of progression in music education at KS3 keeps worrying me. And maybe, a bit like Berlioz’s hero, it is turning me a tad loopy in the process! I am … Continue reading

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Proof, and meta-proof

One of the really big issues in assessment seems to me to be ‘doing’ assessment, then proving you’ve done assessment, then proving you’ve proved that you’ve done assessment! All of which seems to be to satisfy the system needs of … Continue reading

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Tracking and Assessment in Music Education

When considering assessment, it is customary in academic circles to try to be precise concerning the uses and purposes of assessment. Sadly, this task is a mammoth one, and there is considerable terminology slippage, not only from research to practice, … Continue reading

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Music appreciation – who appreciates? A lesson from history. (And lots of questions!)

One of the side-effects of working so hard on National Curriculum assessment guidelines recently has been the re-emphasis in my thinking on musical learning. I spent a happy day recently getting cross in public at the ISM conference in Birmingham, where … Continue reading

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