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GCSE Music – Statistics and Grade Boundaries

N.B. This is a post that may get deleted or have amendments later, if it proves that I am being daft, and haven’t read all the relevant small print! Which, as it’s about the new GCSE grading, means there is … Continue reading

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In which I realise I’ve been losing the plot

I’m starting to think that I’ve lost the plot. Why have I been worrying about what and how to assess, when I’ve said all along that the real question is ‘who is the assessment for’? I was worrying about this … Continue reading

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National Curriculum Assessment – Carpe Diem

We are living in interesting times in terms of National Curriculum assessment at the moment. Nowhere, I venture to suggest, is this being felt more keenly than in music education. We have long borne the brunt of an over-manipulated system, … Continue reading

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