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Uses and purposes of assessment in music education

In academic discussions of assessment in the literature, we distinguish between uses and purposes of assessment (indeed, in my assessment book (Fautley, 2010) I devote a section to this). To put it probably over-simply, for the sake of this blog, … Continue reading

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On linear progress and spiral curricula

This blog should be referenced in part to a conversation I had with one of my doctoral students, Anthony Anderson, in a supervision recently. Something he said made me have one of those random, wild, thoughts concerning the difficulties of … Continue reading

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In which a worry about progress in music education at KS3 turns out to be a worry about lack of CPD

Like the idée fixe running through Berlioz’s symphonie fantastique, the notion of progression in music education at KS3 keeps worrying me. And maybe, a bit like Berlioz’s hero, it is turning me a tad loopy in the process! I am … Continue reading

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Tracking and Assessment in Music Education

When considering assessment, it is customary in academic circles to try to be precise concerning the uses and purposes of assessment. Sadly, this task is a mammoth one, and there is considerable terminology slippage, not only from research to practice, … Continue reading

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Assessment and Progression – Mapping Progression

I’ve been thinking a great deal recently about progression in music education. I’ve written a lot in the past about how the National Curriculum levels are not, and never were, fit for this purpose. In this blog I outline a suggestion … Continue reading

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Assessment and Progression – A journeying metaphor

One of the problems with assessment is that it has become almost indissolubly linked with ‘proving’ progression. As I observed in the blog entitled “Assessing without levels II – What is progression?” when pupils have to make 2 sub-levels (remember these … Continue reading

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