England – Curriculum Planning

There is to be a curriculum planning group for music in England, established by the minister, Nick Gibb. I’ve been asked to share some thoughts on this via the Primary Music Magazine, and so these are to be found here: Primary Music Magazine link

Which will, I hope, go some way towards explaining why I haven’t written a blog post recently, sorry!

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1 Response to England – Curriculum Planning

  1. Mark Taylor Chameleon Music says:

    Your final paragraph is possibly the most relevant, as committees in all subjects have an extraordinary record of ignoring all that has gone before and then trying to ‘make their mark’ in education by doing something very, very stupid and impractical.

    Nothing new is needed, their focus should really be on structuring it all in as flexible and accessible a way as possible.

    Frankly, Mr Gibbs twee little introduction to his musical background and ideas fills me with a certain level of dread. 31 years as a music teacher and I’ve seen many many good developments and improvements in the overall approach; a broader, (yet still with plenty of depth) approach that has enabled so many more pupils to actively access a useful, engaging musical experience in the classroom.

    Worryingly Gibbs repeatedly mentions traditional classical experiences, anecdotes and examples….is that ALL he thinks music is….Goldie help us!

    Of course all of those things he mentions are important in the right context, but they are just a part of the hugely nuanced and multi-faceted world of music education.

    If this committee is not made up of music educators who are experienced across a wide range of approaches to the subject then a valuable opportunity may be lost.

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