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In which I worry about differentiation in music education

I’ve seen a number of posts on twitter recently, and read some blog posts too, that argue that differentiation is a bad thing. I’ve been doing some head-scratching about this, as I’ve always maintained, and say to PGCE students, that … Continue reading

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Bullseye! Target setting and target missing.

Or, a blog in which I get to say “Errr?” rather a lot! Target setting is currently back at number one as the biggest cause of concern that I am hearing about from music teachers. Now, I am going to … Continue reading

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Is curriculum music safe?

At the recent Music Mark conference, I had a slot to talk about current issues in music education. This blog entry is based on that presentation. For me, one of the big issues that’s facing us is the reduction of … Continue reading

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Tracking thoughts inspired by railway tracks on a train journey

I’m always concerned by how much duplication of effort there has been in music education from teachers up and down the land over the years. What is worrying me at the moment is that there seems to be a move … Continue reading

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Poster at ISME

I’ve been a bit on the busy side recently, which is, in many ways, an understatement! Anyway, last week I was up in Glasgow for the International Society of Music Education (ISME) conference. Whilst there I gave four spoken presentations, and … Continue reading

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Assessment and Coffee

Those nice people over at MusicMark have made available a piece I wrote for secondary school music teachers wherein I reflect on one of the common issues with assessment I am asked about, that of progression. In it I respond … Continue reading

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Video on assessment in music education

This is another ‘instead of a blog entry’ post! The nice people at ‘Teach Through Music’ have made a really interesting video about assessment in music education. It features London music teachers talking about this, as well as some talking … Continue reading

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In which I get really ratty about linear attainment assessment. Again.

….or when is KS3 assessment not assessment. It will come as no surprise to regular readers to know that I am actually in favour of assessment. I think it can help pupils and teachers, and, properly done, can provide useful … Continue reading

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On linear progress and spiral curricula

This blog should be referenced in part to a conversation I had with one of my doctoral students, Anthony Anderson, in a supervision recently. Something he said made me have one of those random, wild, thoughts concerning the difficulties of … Continue reading

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“I have a cunning plan…”

I vaguely remember a lesson plan I wrote some years ago, whilst I was teaching classroom music in school. It involved activity, composing, and all sorts of exciting stuff. The lesson it was due to be delivered we had some … Continue reading

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