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Tracking thoughts inspired by railway tracks on a train journey

I’m always concerned by how much duplication of effort there has been in music education from teachers up and down the land over the years. What is worrying me at the moment is that there seems to be a move … Continue reading

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Tracking and Assessment in Music Education

When considering assessment, it is customary in academic circles to try to be precise concerning the uses and purposes of assessment. Sadly, this task is a mammoth one, and there is considerable terminology slippage, not only from research to practice, … Continue reading

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It depends on what you mean by…. Defining our terms in assessment

I have been worrying a lot recently – and not so recently in fact – about the meanings of words. In particular these sets of words have been giving me sleepless nights: Set 1: Assessment Evaluation Measurement Set 2: Attainment … Continue reading

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Assessment and Progression: More Journeying Metaphors

Recently I gave a talk for Birmingham music teachers on assessment and progression, which drew on many of the things I have written about both in this blog and elsewhere. As it contained some more developed ideas I thought it … Continue reading

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