A short blog in which I worry about ‘flightpaths’

I’ve been wondering about ‘flightpaths’ (just google them if you don’t know!) and ‘expected progress’ recently.

Two questions strike me:

  1. Are flightpaths just NC levels by another name?
  2. What progress can we expect? How do we know?

This relates to my ‘journey’s blogs below. If we do know what we expect, are we simply providing a self-fulfilling prophecy, and at the same placing a glass ceiling on attainment?

I am worrying that we are spending so much time tracking to ensure that pupils are on a flightpath we have invented that we may not get the chance to be interesting, exciting and musical en route. Of course, I am happy to be proved wrong, but some of the horror stories I hear from school music teachers don’t fill me with much confidence. Bearing in mind that nationally 93% of kids drop music at the end of KS3, should we be thinking of that as the endpoint of their formal music education? If so, what would a flightpath for this look like? What would the intended learning be?

Finally, would musicality be there in this revised viewpoint?

I said it would be a short blog!

About drfautley

Professor Education at Birmingham City University, UK.
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